Do you miss the look a few years ago when you had thick hair? I am sure you do. In fact, any women will do that. Numerous hair loss causes and their side effects can jeopardize your look and your hair. 

It is essential to know the top 10 causes behind hair loss before you take any action to save your Rapnazelous hair. Some of them are the most common cause of hair loss, whereas the rest of them remain unnoticed. 

Top 10 Hair Loss Causes

1. It is Genetic

Yes, not always, medical conditions cause hair loss. The reason may be purely genetics. If your Mom or Dad has hair loss issue or baldness, today or tomorrow you might get it. There are not many ways of preventing hair loss caused by the gene.

Around 30 million American women suffer from hair loss due to hereditary causes. The American Academy of Dermatology confirms that in a case of genetic hair loss, you will experience hair thinning behind the bangs and at the hairline.    

To promote hair growth in genetic causes, you need to talk to a dermatologist for a better solution. 

2. Lack of Sleep 

Lack of sleep means a flow of anxiety and stress. The more you will stress the less blood your organs will get. Hair is such a delicate part of the body that requires a constant supply of oxygen-rich blood for growth.  

Unless you have at least 7-8 hours of sleep, along with the cells of your whole body, hair follicles start to weaken. Consequently, less sleep will give less time to repair all of these damages.

Now you are in a vicious cycle of sleeplessness that causing you mentally and physically pale. However, there is always a way. Start having a full night sleep for shining result. 

3. Iron Deficiency

Hair and iron have a close tie. The iron in the metabolic process is responsible for carrying oxygen to individual cells. Unless the cells get enough oxygen, they will not grow properly. In the same way, if hair follicles do not receive enough oxygen, they will start to fall apart. 

Iron and Vitamin deficiency is one of the primary reasons for hair loss. If your body does not receive enough iron, niacin, zinc, fatty acids, or antioxidants, you will soon find hair loss and issues in hair growth.  

Which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss? Well, the list is not that long. Vitamin A, E, and D are responsible behind your lush looking hair. The Dermatology Practical & Conceptual found in a recent study that deficiency of those vitamins is the reasons for thinning hair and bald spots. 

4. No Hair Oil Message 

In ancient civilizations like Greece, Indian, and Egypt, massaging the scalp with oils was a social norm, especially among women. Although these messages are super relaxing, you can have them first because you don’t have tome and second it will be a big mess.  

Oil massage on the scalp is one of the best home remedies to prevent hair loss. If you do not have time, try to have it at least at the weekend. A few minutes for yourself can save you from several types of hair falls, including androgenetic alopecia or Hypothyroidism.  

Any essential oils will do the work; however, for best result, try olive oil. 

5. Stress and Anxiety 

Stress and anxiety are parts of modern lifestyle. These are two of the hidden illnesses that cause hair loss. It may seem surprising, but both stress and anxiety hurt almost every part of our body and mind. 

The more you get stressed, the less blood flows through the body. Less blood means less oxygen and lesser metabolic activities. Like other organs, the hair will lose its glow and start to fall if they are devoid of enough oxygen.

You can increase the blood circulation to your hair by a scalp massage. Use your fingertips and move outward on your scalp. It will increase the blood flow and will save your hair from fall. 

6. Too Much Heat on Hair

Like chemical treatment, heating dries up the hair and makes them fall. Using excess heat to curl or straighten your hair is one of the main reasons for hair falling out. 

Each time you are drying the hair, you are making them vulnerable to damage and eventual loss. Thus, when you are getting your favourite style in the salon or home, try to maintain a low and consistent temperature of the machine.  

Do not ignore the burning smell. It means your hair is literally on fire! 

7. Hormones behind the Hair Loss Causes 

Thyroid hormone affects your hair the most. The thyroid hormone releases from a small glad near your neck. The gland may look small, but it can have significant effects on your nail, hair, and even metabolism.   

Irregular Thyroid hormone secretion is mostly common in women. During the pregnancy and menstrual cycle, the hormone level fluctuates and initiates sudden hair loss in women. Worldwide, the women suffer from this Thyroid hormonal imbalance or PCOS during the reproductive age.  

Both over and underreacting of Thyroid can initiate hair loss causes. The hormone acts more during Hyperthyroidism, whereas the Hypothyroidism is the status of underactive Thyroid. Both of these thyroid diseases are behind female hair loss causes. 

8. Tightly Tied Hair

It was believed before that tight tie makes the hair healthy. Now, researchers found that any hairstyle that pulls your hair from the scalp is damaging for the hair.  

Ariana Grande introduced a tight-ponytail hairstyle that may look very trendy; however, the constant pull on the scalp will surely damage your hair. It is better to think about hair health over the style.

It is always better to make a low ponytail and loosely tie the hair. Use alternate styles so that your hair can have some rest also. Therefore, both loosely tied alternative styles can be the best way to stop hair loss.  

You can also choose another option to save your hair from breakage. Alternate the hair part every day. You can part it in the middle or on the sideways. Way, it will either lessen the strain or make the hair healthy. 

9. Hair Extension is extending the lose 

Hair extensions are to give your hair a new look. It adds volume and shape to your natural hair and makes it look more attractive. 

Do you think these hair extensions like clips come without any side effects? No, they do not. The longer you will wear them, the more strain they will exert on your hair. As a delicate fibre, hair cannot take that much stress and will break. 

Thus, how to stop hair fall while using the extension? Well, limit their use only when necessary. If you are a great fan of punch and clips, make sure to use them before going to a party or to work. 

You have numerous extension options like tape-ins, braid-ins, or fusion. They stay attached to your hair for days and sometimes weeks. It is evident that they will weaken the hair and damage them. Try to limit their uses and look for hair-friendly varieties in the market. 

10. Use of Excessive Chemicals

Chemicals like colouring, bleach, and straightening sprays can help you to get your favourite styles, but they come with a price. Excess use of these artificial chemicals severely damages the hair. In fact, chemical use is one of the significant causes of hair loss in women. 

It is always best to have your natural hair colour. However, if it is necessary, limit it to once in two months. Try to use the natural alternative over the chemical. A deep conditioning treatment every week will retain the texture of your chemically treated hair while limiting the chemical use.

How to Stop Hair Loss? 

Types of hair loss are diverse, and so are the prevention methods. Nevertheless, you can follow the following tips to prevent hair loss, including genetics, Hypothyroidism, and alopecia.

How to Stop Hair Loss - Underglow Skin

  • Wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo
  • Try to raise the levels of vitamins by eating foods with antioxidants
  • Increase the protein intake for hair shine
  • Massage your scalp daily. Try to make it a time for bonding with your partner. 
  • Do not try to dry and brush hair when they are wet
  • Juices like Garlic, Ginger, or Onion can do a magic 
  • Have enough amount of water
  • If possible apply some green tea leaves on the hair

Have a Great Hair

Yes, I want you to have beautiful and shiny hair to add sparkle in any gathering. But sometimes things don’t go as you wish and you start losing your precious hair. 

Now you know some of the most common causes of hair fall. If you are suffering from any of more than one of these, it is time to take preventative action.  

Do not ignore hair fall or hair thinning. They may be telling you about some hidden events that are slowly causing harm to your body. So, take action now and keep your mind, body, and hair healthy.

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