Do you want to get long, shiny hair like Rapunzel? Why not when a few foods for hair growth can give you that. Your prince charming may not climb on to the tower with it but he will definitely break the ice to talk to you. 

Food for healthy hair is no longer a myth. There is a wide range of foods available in the groceries that can help to strengthen your hair health and its beauty. I have rounded up the best 15 foods that are good for your hair. 

Foods that make your Hair Grow 

1. Salmon Fish 

Healthy fats in fatty fishes like salmons are one of the best food for hair growth. The omega-3 fatty acids from the fatty fishes offer numerous health benefits along with healthy hair. 

Extracts from the fish oil contain a variety of omega-3 fatty acid name docosahexaenoic. It boosts the activity of specific proteins that revive hair growth.

Animal fat may be risky for your heart; however, fish fat will make it string and revived. Omega-3 fatty acids also reduce the risk of heart diseases.  

Fatty fishes like salmon, tuna, mackerel are an excellent diet for healthy hair. They are also a great source of vitamin D. 

2. Whole Grains

Whole grains are nature’s blessing for our bodies. They are the powerhouse of Iron and Fiber. Iron helps to circulate oxygen to every nook and corner of the body.  Fiber ensures proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

Foods like chia seeds, clams, tofu, quinoa are full of iron. They help oxygen circulations and food digestion. Try to include at least 25% whole grain in your balanced diet. 

3. Lean Meats aka Poultry 

Poultry or other lean meats should be among the top foods to eat for healthy hair. These meats have the least amount of saturated fat, however full of good protein and iron. Moreover, they contain hair growing nutrients like Biotin, Selenium, and L-lysine.

Include turkey, chicken, or other lean meat in your diet for hair loss. Protein will boost the hair fall, whereas other nutrients will ensure healthy scalp and hair. 

4. Greek Yogurt 

Along with good fat and protein, yogurts are a great source of Vitamin D. You can also get Calcium from this Mediterranean version of dairy. Protein works as the building blocks for your muscles and hair, whereas calcium does the same for the bones.  

This European version of yogurt will also make your heart pump more efficiently and will increase the blood flow. Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5 enhances the blood flow and also prevents the hair thinning. 

5. Brazil Nuts

Like the Gemstones of Brazil, the nut will also make you shine. The selenium content of Brazil Nut promotes hair growth.  

A group of Polish Scientists recently found that Selenium prevents hair losses and improve har health. Moreover, it prevents menopause-related issues.  

However, do not dig into Brazil Nuts and other selenium-rich foods right away. The medical advice for Selenium consumption is 400 micrograms. Each nut contains between 68 to 91 micrograms of Selenium. 

Now you do the math! 

6. Cereals fortified with Iron

Cereals always brighten my mornings. It’s Iron, and fiber content keeps the digestive and immune system boosted up. 

The iron-fortifies cereals are one of the best food for long healthy hair. Iron enhances the oxygen flow in every single cell of the body, including hair follicles.

If you are not a great fan of cereals, go for whole-grain pasta, liver, or simply a piece of beef steak. 

7. Oyster 

Oysters make you love!  Why not? They are one of the best aphrodisiacs you can get. The high Zinc content in these creatures not only spices up your love life but also stops hair falls.

Zinc is essential for those cells that work to repair your hair. No wonder they need it a lot to repair the damage hairs and stop them from fall.  

Some of my close friends do not like these marine creatures, so they rely on crab, lobster, or beef for their zinc intake. 

8. Eggs

The egg is probably one of the rare food that contains almost every nutrient. The white part contains Biotin and good Protein. Both of these helps to regrow hair even in Alopecia patients.  

Do not forget about the bright golden yolk. It is rich in vitamins D and Zinc. The Zinc repairs the damaged cells of the hair and makes them look shiny and smooth. 

If you have rashes on your face and bum and have brittle nails, you are probably having Biotin deficiency. 

9. Avocado

This South American version of Nature’s Gift is a perfect combination of good fat and vitamins. It is an ideal food for the overall wellness of the body.  

The good fat keeps the sugar level in control. It also helps cognitive functions and makes you think smartly. In the same way, it makes our hair happy! 

The omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, D, and E, resolves all the issues that lead to hair loss. If it is not the season for Avocado, drizzle some oil over the sauteed vegetables. Otherwise, directly put that on your hair and clean with a mild shampoo and warm water. 

10. Sweet Potato

Generally, vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Sweet Potato is among the rarest vegetables that have the highest content of beta carotene. This delicious vegetable ensures hair growth and prevents hair loss.  

It also comes with other anti-oxidants to enlive the metabolic processes. This process not only stops the aging of the cells but also prevents hair falls. 

Baked, grilled, or simply boiled, Sweet Potato can turn any bland meal into a memorable one. 

11. Hazelnut Paste

As a great source of protein and good fats, Nuts are your hair’s best friend. The Hazelnut has a high content of Biotin. I am sure you already know how essential Biotin is to promote hair growth. 

You can add this nutty paste on any bread or pancakes. Either in the morning or the evening snack, Hazelnut Paste will make the meal an awesome one for body and hair.  

The B7 vitamin in the nutty butter enhances hair growth and digestion. 

12. Leafy Greens 

Green is always Great. It’s excellent for health, environment and even for our hairs. Some of you may not like it for the bitter taste; however, all the goodness is concealed by the taste. 

Leafy greens like Spinach or Kale are full of Beta Carotene, Iron, Vitamin A, and many more. These micronutrients keep your scalp healthy and provide space for hair growth. 

13. Guava

How much Vitamin C you need daily to protect your hair from breaking? Well, it is around 80 milligrams. A Guava has 377 milligrams of Vitamin C in it. That is more than 4-times you need. 

The bonus vitamin will prevent seasonal diseases like flu and cold, rashes, and infections. What else you can ask for when you can do so much good to your health by just having a bite on a Guava.  

14. Cinnamon 

For centuries, Cinnamon was considered as the gift for the kings. This magic spice from South East Asia has enormous medicinal properties that can even help with AIDS. No wonder it will play a significant role in preventing hair loss and nurture hair follicles.  

Sprinkle cinnamon powder over toast, oatmeal, or even coffee to get the best result. You can boil cinnamon and use that water as a health drink. It will strengthen metabolism and prevent hair thinning. 

15. Beans

Beans are protein bombs that explode inside your body to give you both strength and shine. The proteins are from plants, so you don’t have to worry about animal fat issues.  

Around 20 grams per day will make your hair lush and long. Protein deficiency can easily make your hair thin and give you an aged look. If you want to stop those, increase the bean intake in your regular diet.  

If you are not a great fan of the bean, try to balance the need with yogurt and meat consumption. 

Nutrients in foods that Help Hair Growth

Nutrients in foods - Underglow Skin


This metal gives shape for large structures. In the same way, it maintains the cellular structure of your hair and prevents it from loss.   

Iron deficiency or anemia can be life-threatening sometimes. Thus, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor if you found hair loss at much-increasing speed. 


You will feel weak and won’t be able to do anything during protein deficiency. Like muscles, protein deficiency weakens the hair.

If you want to maintain shine and glow on your hair, get functional quality proteins in your daily diet.  


Everything inside and outside of your skull and require zinc. It would be best if you had this mineral for efficient brain activity and also for hair growth. 

Zinc helps the hair repairing cells to generate and repair hair follicles. It will keep your hair away from dryness and breakage. 


Vitamins and anti-oxidants both protect and repair your hair. Vitamin A maintains good growth of hair follicles, whereas vitamin C  prevents damage. 


Food for hair growth is available in every grocery store. Thus, do not wait until your bathroom drain clogged with your hair.

Pick your favorite ones from the list and mesmerize the world with ‘Rupanzelous’ hair.

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